General Business Conditions


The present General Business Conditions (GBC) shall be effective for all the deliveries sold or  mediated by:

arcurio ®

Jan Dobes
Tannenstraße 6
82049 Munich-Pullach
phone:+49 89 89041 372

directly or by the third party. They are also effectual for all the future deals, even if they are not precisely agreed upon. Any deviations from the present General Business Conditions shall be effective only subject to our written confirmation.

Any counter confirmation from the customer with the reference to his own Business Conditions shall not be allowed; in this case the contract shall be effective if it is followed by the actual agreement with the present General Business Conditions.

§ 1 Information to your right to return ordered goods
a) The Customer is entitled send back the arcurio goods within two weeks from delivery without stating a reason for.

b) In case the right to return goods or parts of goods is executed, these goods will be possibly under circumstances delivered to arcurio ® in the original packaging.

Upon receiving and/or at the commissioning period of goods, samples, and other types of products the Customer shall examine them without delay and report to us any defects in writing, by fax or e-mail, as well as provide us with information on defects found. The deadline for claims shall be 2 weeks unless defects have not been detected by the initial examination within the aforesaid period.

d) The warranty period for all types of products will be 24 months, starting from the date of delivery at the Customer.
If there are defects due to our fault, arcurio ® have the right to eliminate defects or replace a product at our discretion. In this event the customer shall give us a fair amount of time and opportunity to eliminate defects. The right to claim damages due to impairment of obligations shall arise only after our multiple attempts to eliminate defects or replace products. Providing arcurio ® fails partly or fully in his endeavour to replace flaws Customer has right to (i) request price reduction or potentially to (ii) refrain from the contract.

§ 2 Retention of property
a) We shall retain the property rights for the delivered goods (reserved goods) until the fulfilment of all obligations by the customer as stated in the §3 of GBC. During this period the customer shall not be entitled to dispose of the reserved goods.

b) In the event of third parties, in particular bailiffs, accessing the reserved goods, the customer shall make reference to our company as the sole owner of the goods and notify us without delay. All the costs and damages relating to this shall be incurred by the customer.

c) If the customer behaves in violation of the contract, in particular in regard to delayed payments, we are entitled to call back the goods at the customer's expense. Withdrawal or distraint of the goods shall not constitute the cancellation of the contract.