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Mercedes Benz 300 SL Coupé


Mercedes Benz 300 SL Coupé: 

arcurio® is manufacturing the model of this timelessly elegant Mercedes Benz 300 SL according to the company’s own plans and under license of MB Classic Collection from prime European wood.

The legendary „gull-wing coupe” was the first true postwar sports-car developed and produced by Daimler-Benz of Germany.

The development was initiated by Max Hoffmann, an American of Austrian descent, who since September 1952 was the official importer of Mercedes Benz cars to America. The Board of Directors of Daimler Benz (DB) understood Hoffmann’s desire to sell sports-cars with the DB star on its hood as a welcome opportunity to gain access to the US market for this and other Daimler Benz products: In September of 1953 the starting signal for the development of two types of sports-cars was given.

6 Cylinder-Engine, approx. 170 HP at 5200 RPM
Gasoline consumption: ca. 29 liters/100 km
Maximum speed: ca. 215 km/hour

Composition of Materials used:

There are 3 different types of wood used in the model: Alder, Ash and Beech. The wood itself is left completely natural; it is not painted or otherwise chemically treated. The various parts of the model are assembled with great care and perfection in order to achieve a good matching of the wood-grains. This high quality model of the elegant Mercedes Benz 300 SL is composed of 98 parts.

Particular Features of the Model:

All arcurio® Oldtimer Models are handmade. The wood employed is carefully selected and matched according to the individual wood-grains.  

This stunning replica is produced in the very limited edition. Each model is crafted individually and therefore carries a brass plate with its engraved model type and production number. 

This Mercedes Benz Model displays the following special features:

Hood to be opened

Gull-wing doors to be opened

Detailed instrumentation on dashboard

Front wheel steering

Air inlets on sides

Review mirror



The Model is 36 cm long, 14 cm high and 14 cm wide; it is produced at a scale of 1:12 and is supplied in a valuable, wooden engraved box, serving as a garage.

Picture of the orinal: