How an arcurio® Model is created

Every model of our portfolio is crafted by hand. It is exiting to watch its production. Therefore we invite you to take a look behind the curtain and witness the “birth” of a wooden model:

Mercedes Benz 300 SL
BMW 328

It starts with the choice wood, where great care is to be taken. All parts of the model have to match, not only in size but also in colour. Also the lining of the wood grains has to be chosen in such a way that the individual parts come together to form a unit. This requires years of experience and a feeling for the material wood. No machine is able to complete this task.

The crafting of the mechanical parts of the model also requires experience and skilled hands. Wood itself is easily breakable. One wrong grip – and the wooden gear wheel, for instance, would break like a porous piece of rock. Since the mechanism which moves the wheels is fully functional and must work under pressure, the choice of wood is of prime importance.

Even though all models of a type are the same in terms of their measurements, an individual and unique piece is created each time, influenced by the natural design of the wood and the personal ideas of the craftsman.

The wood is not painted or otherwise chemically treated. From our point of view, painted wood looses its sense of naturalness and lightness. For conservation purposes only olive oil is used. This way it is made sure that the complete model remains the same for years, without changes to the consistency or the toning of the wood. In addition, after the olive oil treatment the wood gives a very natural and beautiful appearance.

The handcrafting of the model requires many hours of skilled work, but the result speaks for itself. At the end of each production you receive an item that younger as well as older people enjoy taking into their hands. The smooth sides of the model invite you to caress it and run your fingertips over it sensing the wood. And, of course, everyone wants to move the finished model back and forth to experience how well a car made of wood can actually drive.