"arcurio ®" was founded in September 2001. The company is headquartered in Munich, Germany. Momentarily "arcurio ®" is engaging more than 40 staffs worldwide. The company’s board is chaired by Jan Dobes who currently serves as President and Chief Executive Officer. The company was co-founded together with his brother Martin Dobes who with more than 14 years of experience in IT branch is responsible for invention of the platform architecture in the position Chief Technical Officer.

The "arcurio ®"ambition is not than to newly define the term “toy”, on the contrary, it is to address old traditions featured by art of handcraft, natural materials, in other words, the basis for precious toys. Why should we comeback to 30ies of the last century? Motion on a road, rail and in air started to flourish. Not only this; design and technical solution have ‘married’ and vehicles became an object of children admiration for a long, long time.

Frankly to say we all also associate our reminders on a childhood with our favorite toys. Sadly enough, the memories partly fall in to oblivion as long as our toy-accompaniers are removed. It is fairly uneasy to recall these sweet memories on an innocent age in the contemporary world of digital games and indifferent, inanimate plastic toys.

Did you at least once discover your old Teddy bear or favorite car on the loft under the roof? What happened to you? Didn’t you close your eyes and let marsh past sweet whiles from your childhood? Weren’t you kidnapped for a moment back into an unencumbered world, where a future was bright lighted? If so, than you are capable to judge the value of the toy which follows you during a life and transfer magic memories even over generations. "arcurio ®" is privileged to present precisely such toys which we and equally our children attach the loveliest associations to.

Man can hardly find any other stuff than wood with such an application variety. Wood is proved to be very stable in a form and an external appearance over decades, providing a material is properly handled. There is something above; wood develop a tender feeling by touching and observing. We are firmly convinced that our toys – which we gently call ‘curios’ – posses all assumptions to accompany you physically as well as emotionally for years way out.