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BMW 328

BMW 328

In the 328 Roadster, BMW produced a car which became a legend of sports car and racing history. BMW 328 was firstly presented in 14th June 1936 in Nürburgring. This compact two-seater with leather straps across the hood came to dominate the racing scene in Germany and around the world in the second half of the thirties. The bodywork of the 328 had remarkably clean and sleek styling for its time. The integrated headlamps set a trend which was to survive well into the fifties. The handful of 328 models with streamlined aluminium bodies even became a styling model for an entire generation of sports cars in the post war era, including the Jaguar XK series.
Mixing the 2.0 liter six of the 327 with a lightweight, short-wheelbase chassis, the 328's sporting success culminated in an outright win at the 1940 Mille Miglia.
The BMW 328 is a milestone in automobile history and was the most successful sports car of the 1930s. Making its competition debut at the famed Nürburgring racetrack in June 1936, the BMW 328 proved unbeatable in international sports car races in the two-liter class. This high performance sports car proved suitable not only for the BMW factory drivers, but also perfect for everyday motoring.
arcurio® BMW pay tribute to the past.

arcurio® is launching its BMW 328 Model in the limited edition after almost 70 years from original introduction. It was a genuine challenge to reproduce this old timer from wood and it took us again almost 5 months before we found out right approach to tackle with the elegant round forms. The processes are very similar to those applied for musical instruments. Namely meticulous care enable us to veritably reproduce the typical BMW features such as the ‘butterfly’ nut or the ‘kidney’ which became then the symbol for all post-war models. The enthusiasts undoubted appreciate movable parts, e.g. cob wheel steering of the front wheels, open able bonnet, doors and removable roof.
These who touch the model once, understand pretty fast why wood suits so well for an old timers modelling. The natural wood texture provides to elegantly rounded body bgcolor="#FFFFFF"even more swing and grace. Although the model is finished without paints, the individual components are distinguished by applying 4 various woods sorts. The final appearance of this wooden marvel reveals to be both; unique and still loyal to the original.

Technical parameters

Volume: 2.000 ccm
Max. speed: 100 mph Performance: 100 bhp in 3400 rot./min
Chassis: Some of the racing car technology made its way onto the recently introduced '853' chassis. Most evident was the rear suspension, which consisted of an exotic DeDion axle.

Design / Feature: The elegantly cowled back wheels, long hood and distinctive dashboard made the 328 an instant hit with sports car aficionados of the '30s, and helped set styling trends still in evidence today.

Wooden model

The model in the scale 1:12 is 36cm long, 14 cm high and 14 cm broad. Every model is constructed individually, not mass produced, making each model unique. Each scale model is handcrafted with movable, working parts and wheels that really turn, respectively with parts and fine details, which feature these wooden display models as exquisite display pieces, more than toys. For example; the side doors can be opened and locked, bonnet is open able. Model funs are absolutely delighted by side-turning front wheels controlled by steering wheel from driver seat. The roadster is topped by the removable textile roof harnessed with the tip-up mechanism with all thinkable details.

Models may be made from a variety of local European fine hardwoods and softwoods, including Oak, Alder, Birch, Fir, and Pine.
These models are cut, carved, sanded and assembled with meticulous care. arcurio®’s goal is to keep the core material as much as possible with its natural appearance, tenderness and fragrance. For this purpose the wood is treated solely with the olive oil and wax.

Concerning firmness, the wooden models are so conceived that kids elder than 3 years could play with them. Also, for a practical usage is wood unbeatable. Small scratches can be easy removed by simple polishing.