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Porsche 356 Speedster

Porsche 356 Speedster:

It was Dr Ferdinand Porsche’s 356th design, a rear engined sports car with a streamlined design by Erwin Komenda.The official presentation of the Speedster on the U.S. market was in September 1954. In took place at the Concours d’Elegance at Watkin Glens and the “356” received the prize awarded for “The most interesting car”. The 356 Speedster was introduced by Max Hoffman, the sole US importer of Porsches. He insisted that the future Porsche should resemble the small Jaguar XK 120 and cost less than $3000. So he refined the car with a focus on performance and it was an instant hit. Porsche proceeded to manufacture more than four thousand of them throughout 1959.

Technical dates:

4 flat cylinder, air-cooled engine,
1500 ccm, 55 hp at 4500 rpm
Maximum speed: ca. 150 km/hour

 About the Model

arcurio®’s limited edition Porsche 356 Speedster is handcrafted to the scale of 1:12. This example of a German Icon amongst 50’s sports car legends is one of the finest you can find and is a great asset to your classic collection.

Production & Materials used:

Four (4) different types of premium European woods are used: Alder, Maple, Birch and Beech.  The wood itself is left completely natural, using only olive oil and wax to finish each model, no paints or other chemicals are used.  And all 116 parts are individually hand assembled with great care and perfection to ensure all the wood grains seamlessly match. Each model is crafted individually and therefore comes complete with a brass plate engraved with its own unique production number.

 Special Features of the Model:

This high quality model is completed with opening hood, side doors, and functional steering.

Further details:

§                 Miniscule detailed dashboard
                 Review mirror
§                 “Butterfly fixings” on all hub caps
§                 Filigree ”Porsche” emblem on rear hood


15,4”L x 6,7”W x 4,7” H