How it all began
In the thirties of the last century, Europe was, what car traffic was concerned, like Sleeping Beauty compared to the booming American metropolis’. Whereas in New York or San Francisco you could witness the first traffic congestions, in many European cities and towns for weeks not a single automobile with an “Otto Motor” would come into sight. Just the more, newspaper articles about Luxury Cars from America became a sensation among readers and created an unprecedented and unexpected yearning.

Perhaps for this reason, in 1932, our Grandfather sat down in the small Czech town of Kosova Hora in his small carpenter workshop and recreated in wood from newspaper photographs the Ford Lincoln V12. To his wife he mentioned that he crafted the wooden car for his son, but those who were able to watch him work knew immediately that he was making the model also for himself, to be able for once to touch the “Miracle-Car” from America – even if it was only made of wood and in the scale of 1:12.

After he finished making the wooden toy car he was forced to craft an additional dozen of these beautiful Lincolns, because demand from the people of the town was enormous. It was mostly adults who stood in line to purchase the toy cars. Of course, they all claimed to be wanting it for their kids. But when the local clergy man bought a Lincoln as well, it became clear to everyone, that the wooden model represented more then just a toy. It responded to the yearning, created dreams and became an object of desire.

Probably, our grandfather would have been able to create many more of these beautiful Lincolns, if the war had not come in the way in 1939. The horrors of the war and the Nazi regime were over in 1945, but then, three years later, the Communists came to power and nationalized his workshop, where he then, as simple workman, had to witness how it was run down.

The plans and blueprints he had developed for the Lincoln he was able to save, and they survived in the attic of his home. In September of 1998 another carpenter was able to build a Lincoln from these plans.

When we, for the first time, held the Lincoln in our hands we could sense the fascination emanating from this toy, and we were able to picture the enthusiasm of the former buyers.

We are proud to say that after so many years, like Sleeping Beauty, the Lincoln has come alive, and it is made possible to purchase this toy again.
Additional models were added to form a portfolio of wooden oldtimers, all in line with the idea of our grandfather, and we are certain that he would have built them exactly the way they are looking today.

signed: Jan Dobes